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  1. nope he doesnt have a gog galaxy version which folder? main folder there is no whatsoever you know whats the weirdest thing? he said he didnt had a gog account and he downloaded it
  2. So yesterday my friend Vastkerferronpaga10 bought stalker cop from gog and it was all russian. he wants to change to english. I gave him my localization files but when he replaced them the game froze. also he cant find localization.ltx in gamedata/configs. because it isnt there for him. also I have 65 karma but I still cant
  3. ? what do you mean? I kind off didnt understand why you dont know what the problem is. I said everytime I go to the village and in loading when the loading is over the game freezes and I have to restart my pc well by crash... I dont crash I freeze Maybe its because I have the ltd folder inside of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl\Left to die. but I doubt that this is the problem. Also the directX I have is DX11 this is my ogse file _ogse.log
  4. First of all I know its a standalone. secondly that I dont even crash I freeze! I cant alt tab or go to task manager I have to restart my pc! EVERYTIME I WALK INTO THE VILLAGE I PRESS YES AND WHEN IT LOADS COMPLETELY IT FREEZES IN way I have to restart my pc. also sorry I aint yelling
  5. So yesterday I installed ltd for soc because by looks of it was cool. and everything wont well until... I was going to the villlage. EVERY TIME I get to village my game freezez when loading and when its finished it freezes! I cant even go to task manager or alt tab! I have to restart my computer. today someone on discord from ctankep discord told me that I should put my settings to high but nothing worked! can someon explain? you could screen me your options on advanced. coz I am not sure whats causing that
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