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Patch 1.5.03

The Iceman

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Retail: http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Clear_Sky_Patch;93852


General changes and improvements

MultiSample anti aliasing

Added the possibility of using specialised shelters in a fight

Improved lighting of dynamic objects

Changes in fight balance, now some of the opponents are more difficult

Changes in economic balance

Added secondary tasks

Changed some animations in multiplayer

Improved sorting minor assignments in PDA

Added the ability to communicate with the storyline characters and commanders of detachments, while not removing weapons

Added description of the contents of cache when purchasing information about it

Added additional information in the pop-up hints in the PDA

Changed range of items from traders at some levels

Changed simulation balance of life. (intensity of events, the strength of mutants)

Added the ability to recover belongings after a robbery in the basement at the landfill. At the entrance/exit to landfill now only some money is confiscated

Added awards for entering groups

Changed filtration system messages in the PDA log

Added illumination flares at 'Limansk' and in the 'Red Forest'

Increased reward for the capture of enemy bases in faction battles

Brackets no longer allowed in the names of files for save/load

Added use of localised strings in the game console, chatrooms, etc

Game fixes

Game optimised and improved by approximately 5%

Significantly improved overall stability of the game

Fixed saving errors, that lead to crashing the game

Reduced loading times by 10-15%

Fixed crashing bug

Fixed a bug, allowing characters to run with a loaded grenade in their hand

Fixed spontaneous launch of music, turned off in the settings

Fixed bugs in the caches, including incorrect saving and accumulation (disappearance) of objects in the caches

Fixed bug at automatic crashing of a series of buildings, which did not crash

Fixed bugs in some secondary quests

Fixed algorithm of conductors. Now they can bring you in more locations

Fixed bug which allowed the player to become hostile in the Clear Sky faction

Fixed starting position of a player in the transition between locations

Fixed errors in detector's response to the anomaly and artifacts. Detector no longer responds to the artifacts, which it cannot show

Fixed issuing awards at the 'Dept' base

Fixed minor defects in the PDA interface and multiplayer main menu

Fixed bugs that crashed the game when joining the Dept faction

Fixed minor bugs in the behaviour of mutants after death (disappearance of corpses, continued play of animations)

Corrected the appearance of things in boxes that belong to camps

Fixed shooting through trees, including shooting with a machine gun

Improved visual representation of some anomalies

Fixed the appearance of some stalkers from the Freedom faction

Fixed some errors in the text

Fixed errors with inability of improving certain subjects

Fixed a bug which didn't let you use an existing grenade in the inventory

Characters will no longer provide secondary assignments during attack and defence of camps

Some traders were given improved weapons to sell

Added hiding places for the release of Deep Valley

Fixed bug with activation of detector from inventory

Fixed FPS drops in the main menu

Fixed double buffering of supersample

Fixed bug with the PNV effect, which remained after lifting the costume which supports it

Fixed display font in DX10

Fixed bugs with key settings in game options

Fixed command history in console after clearing log

Multiplayer improvements

Added multiplayer map "Rambase"

Changed multiplayer balance

Fixed bug with indicator of health while using healthpacks when a player is invulnerable

Fixed bug with the opening of the inventory, when the player died in some game modes

Fixed bug with a pause when client connects

Improved 'Buy' menu

Fixed BattlEye (anti-cheat) support

Improved patching system

Fixed incorrect error message

Fixed bug with moving items into backpack

Changed the first bullet dispersion

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