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Fatal Error


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Przy uruchamianiu CoC pojawia się ten fatal error 

Expression   :false 

Function    :ParseFile 

File    :xrXMLParser.cpp

Line   :48 

Description  :XML file[$game_config$] parsing failed. Can't find include file:[gameplay\character_dialogs_wth_history.xml]


stack trace: 


0023:005637E1 xrCore.dll,xrDebug::fail()

0023:723337CF MSVCR120.dll,


0023:00548E00 xrCore.dll, CMemoryWriter::seek 

0023:00548E10 xrCore.dll, CMemoryWriter::tell

0023:005479A0 xrCore.dll, CMemoryWriter::w

0023:005490D0 xrCore.dll, IWriter::valid

0023:00548E20 xrCore.dll, rtc_initialize

0023:00578130 xrCore.dll, IIniFileStream:: vftable'()

0023:00547690 xrCore.dll, CFileReader::operator=()


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