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WastedSky's Modpack v1


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WastedSky's Modpack V.1

Nazwa: WastedSky's Modpack v1
Twórca: WastedSky
Podziękowania: dla wszystkich twórców wymienionych dodatków
Data dodania: 




Jest to paczka dodatków.

Modpack jest trochę przestarzały, ponieważ pojawiły się nowe wersje dodatków, takie jak np. dodatek Boomsticks i Sharpsticks, który ma teraz więcej broni, a twórca użył jego starej wersji.

Instalacja: po prostu przeciągnij i upuść do głównego folderu Anomalii.


Użyte dodatki:

  1. 01. Boomsticks and Sharpsticks 14.05.2020_UPD4_8.1 (Authors: Mortan (STCoP Team), Andrejs Green, LsdPro, unethicalrus, Gunslinger Mod Team, _Mr_Vlad_ and Mich_Cartman)
  2. 03. Quick Melee - No Equip UPD4
  3. 04. T.H.A.P Anomaly 3.0 pack for BaS
  4. 05. Patch after installing Trader Complete 1.19 NORMAL
  5. 08. Patch after installing JSRS Sound Overhaul 3.3 ( CRACKS option NEEDED) with Tracers
  6. NPCs_without_amnesia_v2.0 by mora145
  7. HollywoodFX_v1.1.2 by DeathOrchid, AyyKyu and Ghost-2142
  8. Sound_Mod_-_Injury_Audio_Extended by DesmanMetzger, TKGP y Marc13Bautista
  9. Soundscape_Overhaul_2.5 by Solarint, Lord Jardhead and JSRS Mod
  10. JSRS_Impact_Crack_Fly-by_Sounds_v1.1 by Solarint, Lord Jardhead and JSRS Mod
  11. Trader_Complete_1.19 by AGoodSetOfPistol, Cursed_August, Incompetent, Toxicity86, Evilwarrior2019 and Death_KnightRZ.
  12. Crafting_Overhaul_1.00 by AGoodSetOfPistol and Acemax
  13. Wolfsters_Blood_Mod_1.0.1 by Wolfsterr
  14. Anomaly_HD_Models_Addon. by Raito-x-Ray, Ninja_Nub [NOR], Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix and others
  15. 1 Centered_HUD_v1.1 by BMWAG65321
  16. S_Kiparis_replacer by Souvlakii
  17. Arszi_Campfire_Roasting_Anomaly_V15U3.1 by Arszi
  18. Hiddants_Tweaks_Fixes (The prices for mutant 1.5x and weapons parts x2) by Hiddant
  19. Alternative models for mutants for CoC (Mutants_Model_Pack_1 & Mutants_Model_Pack_2) by thales100, 3vtiger, ferr-u and Greshnik13rs
  20. Surrender more often tweak by Jakimoto
  21. HighResPDAMap.2 by Bazingarrey
  22. Gas_Mask_Sounds_Remade by zaldronthesage, Mister_Scratch, Goldenscale001 and HugeBoomer
  23. FasterTooltips by PiggeryJokery
  24. Knife_Bolt_and_Grenade_Holster_Sounds by Vyticoz and Best209
  25. EFTfootstep1.1 by Souvlakii, Battlestate games and Rezy
  26. ArsziMutantBleeding.2 by Arszi
  27. ArsziPsyOverhaul_1_1.1 by Arszi
  28. ArsziThirstOverhaul.1 by Arszi
  29. Mutant_jumping_anti-aim by _STYX_
  30. Arszi's Burer Overhaul by Arszi

Niestandardowy preset oparty na P.R.O.S.P.E.R.I.T.Y. (Nie zawarty w paczce modów)







Link do pobrania:


Moddb: [KLIK]




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