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Grok's Stashes Overhaul - Ulepszony system schowków w Anomaly 1.5.1


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[2.2.0] Grok's Stashes Overhaul

Tytuł Oryginalny: [2.2.0] Grok's Stashes Overhaul addon
Platforma: Anomaly 1.5.1
Data Premiery: 4 Września 2021



Ten dodatek urozmaica rozgrywkę poprzez nowy system schowków, które zostały całkowicie przerobione i zbalansowane.


  • New dedicated item tiering. Item tiers is defined in a new file independently of Anomaly tiers. This is a much simpler and efficient way to balance items spawns in stashes.
  • New Map Tiering system. Stashes content now follow a Map Tiers table. Each map has an associated tier list, the game picks a random tier among that list to spawn an item according to that tier. This allows to have a much better progression of stashes content throughout the game. No more end game tools spawning in Cordon or Swamp. You'll get beginner items in south maps and end game items in northern maps. Also, stashes in the Labs and underground areas should contain really good items.
  • New loot pool which includes weapons and armors... in bad condition! But don't worry, you'll have plenty of repairing tools, toolkits, and tools to disassemble these weapons and armors, as well as kits to change their parts at the mechanics. This feature goes well with my other add-on, Grok's Craft and Repair Overhaul available here: Moddb.com. The new loot pool also contains repairing items, kits, and plenty other items that aren't included in the base game.
  • A New way to get stashes locations: loot corpses to get 10% chance to get the position of a stash.
  • A Highly customisable system. The important metrics are well described and accessible at the beginning of the scripts and ltx files of the add-on. Be sure to check them to tweak the parameters to your liking, including for instance the weapons and armors condition, ammo quantity, tier of items, map tiers and probability of item kind to spawn in stashes.



Katalog gamedata z folderu z indeksem 00 przenieść do głównego folderu gry. 



Mod jest kompatybilny z 475 New Stahses Locations.

Mod jest niekompatybilny z Grok's Stash, Craft and Repair Overhaul.

Mo może być niekompatybilny z innymi modyfikacjami, które zmieniają system schowków. 

Linki do pobrania:



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