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Crash przy zadaniu Podążaj za sygnałem.


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Witam. Chciałbym ukończyć już LA i w momencie gdy przenoszę się do Oso na ostatnią cutscenkę gra wywala mnie do pulpitu z takim oto logiem.

[error]Expression    : fatal error
[error]Function      : CTexture::Load
[error]File          : ..\xrRender\SH_Texture.cpp
[error]Line          : 219
[error]Description   : <no expression>
[error]Arguments     : Can't open video stream

stack trace:

0023:67A8455F xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:7762BEBA ntdll.dll, RtlGetActiveActivationContext()
0023:7762C23D ntdll.dll, RtlRunOnceComplete()
0023:7762C4D7 ntdll.dll, RtlRunOnceComplete()
0023:7761E1B2 ntdll.dll, RtlFreeUnicodeString()
0023:7762C4BC ntdll.dll, RtlRunOnceComplete()
0023:67A792AF xrCore.dll, CLocatorAPI::get_path()
0023:67A77C23 xrCore.dll, CLocatorAPI::exist()
0023:67A77C3D xrCore.dll, CLocatorAPI::exist()
0023:7538E964 KERNELBASE.dll, CheckTokenMembership()
0023:7538EA5E KERNELBASE.dll, CheckTokenMembership()
0023:7762C4BC ntdll.dll, RtlRunOnceComplete()
0023:7538EADD KERNELBASE.dll, CheckTokenMembership()
0023:7537B3E6 KERNELBASE.dll, BaseReleaseProcessDllPath()
0023:75382CBC KERNELBASE.dll, LoadLibraryExW()
0023:67A86D1E xrCore.dll, str_container::dock()
0023:69F04119 MSVCR120.dll, Concurrency::GetOSVersion()
0023:69F03CB8 MSVCR120.dll, _crtCreateEventExW()
0023:69F03D12 MSVCR120.dll, _crtCreateEventExW()
0023:69F03D1B MSVCR120.dll, _crtCreateEventExW()
0023:69F03E31 MSVCR120.dll, _crtCreateEventExW()
0023:69F03E5F MSVCR120.dll, _crtCreateEventExW()
0023:69EF48CA MSVCR120.dll, strcpy_s()
0023:69F4F41F MSVCR120.dll, Concurrency::critical_section::lock()
0023:6A91EF56 MSVCP120.dll, Thrd_yield()
0023:68091DCA xrRender_R2.dll, SupportsAdvancedRendering()
0023:67A7180C xrCore.dll, thread_spawn()

Jak to naprawić?

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