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Działający spawner lub komendy do wersji 1.4007 (Tylko narzędzia)


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Siemka, tak jak w temacie ;) szukam spawnera lub komend do 3 rodzai narzędzi. Zależy mi tylko na narzędziach. Niestety większość spawnerów z innych stron oferuje tylko kilka podstawowych przedmiotów. Próbowałem sam dodać item za pomocą komendy "toolkit_1" etc. w menu spawnera, ale niestety tak owa nie działa. 

Ktoś ma jakiś pomysł ?

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@Paulinnio a faktycznie tak to teraz zrobili.

A ta metoda?


That's how it intended to be. You can't spawn much with developer menu but only few basic stuff such as flashlight, leather jacket, some ammo, water. To be able to reach developer menu without mods all you need to do is to delete or move fsgame ltx files that are in the same folder as XR_3DA.exe. Then you can launch the game without the loader. Create a shortfut of the exe on your desktop and add - developer to it in it's goal. In the game when you pause you can spawn basic items wirh F3 or if you press F2 if you know the in-game name of the item you can spawn anything you want. For example I spawned myself tools for rough, precise and calibration work because I knew their names "toolkit_1", "toolkit_2" etc. So yeah it's normal that your range of spawnable items is very limited.


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